Focused On Small So The Impact Is Big

Helping Austin-based Business Leaders Grow their business, Inspire their teams, and Influence the city.

As business owners, we remember what it was like to launch with high hopes and brilliant ideas. We saw opportunities around us to create change in the world through our business, but navigating organizational challenges and bottom line demands quickly became discouraging and have left us distracted us from “our why”.

Our Mission

The Foundry is committed to fostering mentoring relationships to help small business leaders achieve profitability, develop healthy teams, and create kingdom impact in the city by doing good in Jesus’ name.

Because of this, we help uncover solutions to the unique challenges each business owner faces so they can fully realize the vision God has for them through their business.

Foundry Advisors

The Foundry is lead by a group of successful Christ-centered leaders who are passionate about guiding business owners from survival to success to significance. As business mentors, Foundry Advisors are trusted advocates who help you discover and create momentum in your business and impact in your community. Each Foundry Advisor is a business owner, successful entrepreneur, CEO or President with experience in incubating, capitalizing, building teams, scaling, operating and executing strategic plans which have resulted in profitable going concerns, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

Your Advisor Will Help You Gain...

Specific Solutions For Unique Challenges

At The Foundry, we understand that your business faces unique challenges that require specific solutions. That's why we offer more than just content – our experienced advisors have walked the same road you are traveling and will accompany you on your journey. What's more, our advisors are part of a vibrant community of Christ-followers who can provide support and guidance tailored to the distinct obstacles you encounter.

Insights To Grow Revenue

Valuable insights often stem from diverse perspectives. Our advisors, along with your fellow cohort members, come from various industries and possess a wealth of real-world experiences. Drawing from this collective knowledge, they offer a range of viewpoints to help you see situations from different angles, ultimately fueling your revenue growth.

Clarity In Leadership

Effective leadership requires a clear understanding of God's design and calling for your life. Without this clarity, leading becomes unsustainable. Once you have gained that level of insight, our advisors can guide you in navigating the inevitable chaos of business, aligning your company with God's purpose, and bringing greater focus to your endeavors.

Better Work/Life Balance

Our companies are tools that God has entrusted us with to bless our communities. However, maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life can be challenging, particularly during times of stress and chaos. Our experienced advisors have personally faced similar trials and triumphs. They will assist you in prioritizing what truly matters while simultaneously building a thriving company, so you can find harmony between your professional and personal aspirations.

Submit Your Application

Complete the online application to help us learn about you and your business so we can determine if you are the right fit for our cohort program.

Grow With Advisors

Once accepted into a Foundry cohort, you will be paired with an advisor who will assess your business and be a trusted advisor throughout the program.

Experience Kingdom Impact

Live out the greater purpose  you were designed for as a Kingdom-minded business owner who is impacting your employees and city from a place of health.

Join Us As We Impact The City Of Austin.